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It is with great pleasure that Galeria Moderna present, in no particular order, the following twelve winning artists of

The Cambridge Invitational Art Contest and Exhibition 2022.
Our Congratulations go to, 

Dave Pinsker, Irina Hoble, Peter Partner,
Jenny Ebdy, Sue Walker, Radek Walachnia,

Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas, Lisa Zaman

Galina Holley, Teresa Munn, Dario Cavicchioni 
& Martin Southwood

To view the stunning award-winning artwork from The Cambridge Invitational 2022 please visit Castle Fine Art,
Level 2, Grand Arcade, St. Andrews St,

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Exhibition 15th-21st August

About us. - Galeria Moderna are the online gallery and organisers of the esteemed, exciting and successful brand of invitational city based art contests & exhibitions.

Galeria Moderna have brought together the two biggest names in commercial art galleries (Castle Fine Art) and supplies (Cass Art), to ensure the best possible exposure we can provide for all our award winning artists, with our physical exhibitions and much more.

All contests will see twelve winning artists selected by a panel of renowned judges. Each judge a gallery owner/manager from the host city's, including special guest judges.

All judges are instructed to select a diverse mix of styles and mediums to make for what we feel to be,

one of the most inclusive art contests in the UK.

Galeria Moderna supports both local and national charities in each contest, learn more about these within our menu.

Click the Play icon on the screen below to learn more about the Galeria Moderna Art Channel coming this summer...

Castle Fine Art the UK's leading commercial art gallery will exhibit the selected works for one week within their flagship store in each city. Including an awards and preview evening for the twelve winning artists, with prizes from a host the city's finest patrons of the arts.

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 Cass Art the UK's leading art supplies retailer will host blog interviews with our twelve winning artists. Visit the Cass Art blog for tips and techniques, plus exclusive interviews with prestigious artists from the

London, Oxford, Cambridge

Invitationals &

Sky Arts Portrait and Landscape Artist of the Year.


 If you wish to be on our invitational list please contact us with your email address.

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