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The Oxfords Invitational Art Contest & Exhibitions beneficiary charities are
Oxfords Clear Sky & Arts 4 Dementia

Arts 4 Dementia believes that people living with dementia and their carers have the right to enjoy life to the full. Participating in arts activity, rekindling and learning new artistic skills enables them to bypass dementia symptoms and enjoy new creative experiences together.

We develop arts programmes to empower, re-energise and inspire people with early-stage dementia and carers through challenging artistic stimulation, to help them live better for longer in their own homes.

Our signposting website lists local arts events for people living with dementia in the community and dementia-friendly arts venues, serving both those looking for stimulation and providers.

Our early stage and dementia awareness training for arts facilitators enables them to deliver effective workshops.
A4D focuses on what people can achieve, often much more than they imagine.

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Clear Sky Children's Charity works with schools to provide early, age appropriate Play & Creative Arts Therapy services to vulnerable children when they need it most. 


The children we support (usually between 4-12 years old) experience bereavement, bullying, family breakdown, parents in prison, parents with substance abuse issues, parents with mental health issues, traumatic experiences (e.g. car accident, fire etc.) and domestic violence. 


We have contributed to a number of research studies this year but we are yet to see the full impact on children and young people’s mental health due to the current Coronavirus pandemic.  Despite this, we are already seeing an upsurge in demand for our services; particularly our work with new parents and babies who have suffered from a lack of ante-natal support. 


Working primarily with schools across Oxfordshire, our team of fully qualified therapists deliver our frontline therapeutic services including one-to-one or group Play & Creative Arts Therapy. Play & Creative Arts Therapy gives children and parents a safe space to enable them to explore past or present traumas to work towards becoming happy children who love life and enjoy school. 


We have continued to grow our services despite the Coronavirus crisis, delivering a vital part of schools’ efforts to support children through this difficult and confusing time. Alongside our face-to-face interventions, we have provided new resources and tools for parents to use at home with their children to help them to understand their behaviour and support their needs. 


Our training courses have enabled us to reach over 200 professional practitioners in the past 12 months, and furthermore we have made developments to enable our courses to be delivered digitally. Our Institute for Play and Attachment goes from strength to strength and has provided professional services to members from all over the UK and across the globe.   

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Each contest partners a charity related to the arts from the host city. 
From 2022 £2.00 from each entry and our company's 20% commission from the sales of the exhibition artworks are donated and shared between each contests chosen charity. 
For Cambridge the beneficiary charity is
Arts and Minds and Arts 4 Dementia.
The London Invitational 2020s chosen charity was Arts 4 Dementia.
To find out more about these charities please click on the following links below.

During the global pandemic which affected the UK during The London Invitational, Galeria Moderna donated £5 from every entry to the NHS Charities Together. 

Thank you so much for your email and for choosing to support NHS Charities Together’s COVID 19 Appeal. This is an incredibly generous donation and we are immensely grateful for your support!


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have been amazed at the response from individuals and organisations from across the globe and along with all of our member charities, we would like to say a big thank you to you for your support. Your donation really will make a huge difference to the NHS staff, patients and their families in hospitals around the UK.  Jaime Burford

Interim Charity Administrator

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Arts and Minds uses the arts to help people living with mental health challenges.

Our courses are available throughout Cambridgeshire.

"We're delighted to be supported by the team at Galeria Moderna and all the artists who submitted work for the 2nd Cambridge Invitational Art Contest and Exhibition.


It's wonderful to continue working with super organisation, with all donations going directly to support the delivery of our creative programmes supporting positive wellbeing. Thank you everyone!"

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