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The Cambridge Invitational Art Contest & Exhibition Awards Evening 2021©.
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The Cambridge Invitational 2021 Exhibition.
John Doubleday talking with Ann Goddard, winner of the John Doubleday Award.
The Cambridge Invitational Awards.
Barbara Marshfield presented by Cllr Robert Dryden with her Cambridge Invitational Award.
Barbara Marshfield with the beautifully tactile Back to Back.
Clare Millen presented with The Cambridge Invitational Award by Cllr Robert Dryden.
Clare Millen with her award and the superb ,Black box (above) & Overview II (below).
Karen Chard with her beautifully unique piece.
Karen Chard accepting her Cambridge Invitational Award.
Artist and Photographer Michael and Max enjoying the evening.
Michael Norcross with the award winning Winter The Road to Ashampstead (above) & Winter Shadows at C
Michael Norcross presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award.
Christine Calow, Presented with her Cambridge Invitational Award.
Christine Calow alongside her award winning vibrant Silkscreen artwork.
Sarah Walton and award winning Mountain Pass.
Sarah Walton collecting her Award for Mountain Pass.
Geoffrey Harrison presented with his Cambridge Invitational Award.
Geoffrey Harrison with his two stunning and emotional lockdown portraits.
Geoffrey Harrison collecting The Cass Art Award presented by Stacy Bodkin of Castle Fine Art.
Samuel Benjamin Harris with his energetic exciting artwork.
Samuel Benjamin Harris presented with his Cambridge Invitational Award.
Jonathan and Samuel having a great time.
Samuel Benjamin Harris The Oak Bistro Award Winner.
Ann Goddard collecting her Cambridge Invitational Award.
Ann Goddard collecting The John Doubleday Award_edited
awards night 10
Max Morawski winner of The Scudamores Art Award.
Max Morawski and his two amazing submissions.
Martin  Southwood The Graduate Hotel Art Award.
Andy Dakin receives his Cambridge Invitational Award.
Martin Southwood with the award winning Witches (above) & Grande Greve, Sark (below).
Martin Southwood presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award.
Max Morawski Presented with his Cambridge Invitational Art Award.
Andy Dakin presented with The Mayors Choice Award.
Nigel Franklin CEO of one of our beneficiary Charity's, Arts 4 Dementia.
Andy Dakin and his superb artwork including The Mayors Choice, Cows on Fulbourn Fen.
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